Our classes focus on building a strong grounding of the movements and postures (asanas) in a safe way whilst also allowing students to grow and realise what they are capable of when the mind is focused. We believe in the importance of all aspects of yoga, not just the physical. As well as asanas our classes include breathwork (pranayama) and relaxation. We invite our students  to join us for mindful meditation classes where our teachers guide you to harness the benefits of quietening the mind.  

Online Group Classes

We offer online group classes through video calling. Please contact us to book and we will send the necessary joining information. 

Weekly Online Timetable (IST)

Intermediate (60 Mins) – Open Class

Monday – Friday 9.30am

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8.00am & 5.00pm

Mindful Meditation (50 mins)

Sun 6.30pm


These are our open classes, for those who already have some experience in yoga or who have completed one of our beginners courses. It is a varied class where we offer variations for the more experienced practitioners.

Mindful Meditation

Guided mediation sessions to learn to harness the power of meditation from our experienced teachers. Free for GCY students. 

12 class pass

Our most popular package. Valid for the month, it allows you to attend three classes per week and helps you begin to feel the benefits of a regular practice.

3000 INR / 40 USD

4 Class pass

Valid for a month but you can use the classes when you want. Use it up in a week or one a week for the month, totally up to you.

  1500 INR / 20 USD

Drop In

One-off class, no commitment.

500 INR / 7 USD


Free for Green City Yoga students.

Questions answered

Just a device to connect to the internet and a small space to practice. It would also be good to have a yoga mat. We don't tend to use props in our classes but if we do we offer alternatives of something you will have around the house. 

We have trained in and have experience teaching many different styles of yoga. Our classes tend to begin with pranayama and end with time to relax, and in between that it varies! 

While it is of course different to practising in person with one of our teachers we are adapting while trying to keep as many of the core aspects of the class the same. It is a live class so we will be able to see your practice allowing us to give verbal correction to ensure your practise is safe and help to improve your asanas. 

That is fine! Join one of our beginners courses, we keep it easy and gentle while teaching you the basics.

Beginners yoga course

We’re pretty passionate at Green City Yoga about our private Online Beginner’s Courses. 

New to yoga, looking to solidify the basics or just fancy learning something new? This course is for you. Introducing people to yoga is a passion of ours, so these courses are one of our favourite things to teach. 

We believe that for a meaningful, and safe practice, a solid understanding of the fundamentals is essential.  Thats why we designed this private course as we think it’s the best way to get solid base from which to explore the practice of yoga from. 

We will cover all of the basics, keeping it as slow and gentle as you need while you get to grips with the movements. We give a special focus on the posture and alignment of the poses through the personalised corrections. 

But for us it is not all about the movement. We are big believers in the power of the breath and all of our classes include pranayama as well. The course will teach, and explain the science behind, breathing exercises that will not only help your yoga practice but they come in pretty handy in day to day life too.

Once you have completed the course you will have the knowledge and tools to be able to attend our open Intermediate classes to continue your exploration of yoga.

Meet the teacher, Ashish. 

Beginners private course

This course is solely private so we can give the care and attention needed while you begin your journey with yoga.

15000 INR / 200 USD

Personal Classes

We offer private classes for individuals or groups where we can give tailored teaching for you, at a time to suit your schedule.

Through the individual sessions we can help you to reach you your personal goals or provide support for individual issues.  

1500 INR / 20 USD for 60min 

500 INR / 7 USD for each additional person

Packages available depending on frequency of classes